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Fareed Mohamed: From mechanics to web development

Fareed Mohamed is one of our many students in our hackerspace in Cairo, Egypt. The young student, a big fan of video games, decided to follow our FullStack JS training to try to understand behind the scenes of this world that he loves.

After my studies in mechanics, I wanted to live my passion for coding

I studied mechanical engineering, an exciting field for sure, but it was not aligned with my mindset. As soon as I graduated, I decided to take things into my own hands and go into a field that I am passionate about and interested in: Web development. So I did some research to find a course that would suit me. My first contact with GOMYCODE was their Instagram page, which I thought was well done. This prompted me to do more research and discover the website. I saw the different training they were offering and the FullStack JS training caught my eye. So I called the pedagogical team and I found myself here completing a training in a field that I am passionate about.

Here, we help each other, we make mistakes, we correct each other and we pull each other up

When I arrived on the first day to the GOMYCODE hackerspace, I found a super welcoming environment. I received a very warm and friendly welcome from  the whole team here; from the instructors to the other students. It is also a very studious environment. We have fun, but we study seriously. I really like the spirit of solidarity and community that exists here. We help each other, we make mistakes but we are not judged. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, we pull each other up. Our instructor is always there for us, listening to us. We really feel that he believes in each of us. He pushes us to improve with every course. I really appreciate this atmosphere and attitude at GOMYCODE.

GOMYCODE’s training courses give you the keys to succeed in the professional world

If I were to give one piece of advice to people my age, it would be to never believe that you can learn and master something perfectly on your own. There will always be things that you don’t understand and can’t master without guidance. Training courses like those offered by GOMYCODE are there to remedy this and to give us all the basics needed to have the keys to the professional world. You can learn as much as you want via tutorials on the net, but you won’t have the experience you need to create your own project and have access to the GOMYCODE experience.

Do you want to become a FullStack JS developer? Join GOMYCODE Egypt and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +20 120 001 3667.

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