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We train the next tech generation on the most innovative and recent technologies. We help them get ready for the jobs of the future and prepare them for their professional endeavour while reinforcing their employability.

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Full-Stack Development
Duration: 16 weeks
Intro. To Web Development
Duration: 12 weeks
Front-end with ReactJS
Duration: 12 weeks
Back-end with NodeJS
Duration: 12 weeks
Artificial Intelligence
Duration: 12 weeks
UX Design
Duration: 12 weeks
Digital Marketing
Duration: 12 weeks
Intro. to Game Development
Duration: 12 weeks

A disruptive methodology

The GOMYCODE method is now replacing the classic educational system which is highly theoretical and not motivating. Our learning model is based on projects and exercises providing the student with long-term knowledge and skills.


Students trained on the most demanded technologies in the market


instructors who support our students on a daily basis.


recruiting partners who have trusted our pedagogical approach.


training courses launched with highly skilled professionals

An interactive and gamified learning platform

Our educational platform is the result of the hard work and collaboration of our educational team, our developers, our UX designers, our content creators and our partners. It creates an extraordinary learning experience joining customized development with learning and self-governance. Its design and functionalities make it the perfect for our methodology. Discover our programs

Why is our methodology effective?

Personalized follow-up

Each student will be joined by an exceptionally skilled instructor. We immovably accept that powerful preparation needs human support.

A project-oriented course

In addition to having a final project, each course contains several projects and practical exercises to give the student the opportunity to test and build by themselves.

The GOMYCODE Community

By joining GOMYCODE you will have the support of a whole community passionate about technologies to motivate you on a daily basis. We also organize various events: hackathons, talks, panels… for them.

Rich and interactive content

The content of our courses is developed with partner companies of GOMYCODE. It is employability oriented and it is constantly updated according to recruiters' requests.

Achieve your goals with our instructors

Our instructors are a pillar of the GOMYCODE experience. They provide follow-ups, supervision, one-to-one meetings and technical workshops. Their presence motivates students and stimulates exchange between them.

Are you passionate about technology? Do you want to develop your technical and interpersonal skills and want to be part of a rich professional experience with a unique impact? You can join our team of instructors and participate in the training of future generations.

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