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Welcome to GOMYCODE Bahrain

After France, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt, GOMYCODE opens its doors in Manama – Bahrain.

With the aim of expanding the GOMYCODE community and sharing our passion for digital with the whole MENA region and in Africa. Starting from January, GOMYCODE Bahrain will be providing its training courses in a blended way, mixing between physical presence in the Hackerspace and online.

Why Bahrain?

A compact and highly-connected ecosystem brings together a diverse range of IT companies in Bahrain within the areas of IT services, IT distribution, IT consultancy, data management systems, software developers and customer support centres. Ranked the first in MENA for ICT readiness by the World Economic Forum, Bahrain offers the most competitive and affordable ICT services in the region.

“Bahrain will proudly be the first home of this creative space in the Middle East region that can be used as a catalyst to shape the next generation for the future of work that requires a data-driven approach” Said Maryam Alsaegh, Bahrain’s Country Launcher at GOMYCODE.

“We are excited to see one of our regional portfolio companies scale into the Bahrain market and play a beneficial role in filling a much-needed skill gap by training local talent to become software developers. This will strengthen the growth of our kingdom’s startup ecosystem and we look forward to being a continual part of GOMYCODE’s journey” Said Saleh Abbas, Senior Program Manager at Flat6Labs Bahrain.

Our Programs

Web Programs

The Web Fullstack JS program is an intensive 4-month program that will allow you to learn Front-end and Back-end web development to become a junior developer in Fullstack JS, and at the end of which GOMYCODE will ensure the professional integration of certified students. . You will also acquire soft skills that will help you in your professional life. At the rate of 12 hours per week and with the follow-up of our instructors, you will learn to master technologies such as CSS, Express, HTML, JS, React, Node Js, Redux, Bootstrap, MongoDB or even Git.

Create your first Website. You will Learn the latest technologies to become a web developer and create websites with HTML, CSS. You will also learn the basics of JavaScript to make your pages interactive.

Become a Front-end ReactJS Developer and learn the latest technologies to become a great Front-end Developer and build rich, interactive web applications and user interfaces with JavaScript, ES6, and React. Manage “states” with Redux and manipulate external APIs.

Master the technologies of Back-end development: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, mongoose … and use it to create the Back-end of your web application independently from the Front-end part. You will also manipulate the NoSQL database and model the data with mongoose.

Our program in Artificial Intelligence

In this program, you‘ll discover the world of artificial intelligence and its algorithms in order to create your own machine learning project. You’ll learn how to pre-process and visualize your data using Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries. Through this program, you will master the basics of artificial intelligence as well as supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms in order to create your own machine learning project using the Scikit-Learn library.

Our Program in Digital Marketing

Start your Digital Marketing career and join an introductory track dedicated to people who are interested in the Digital Marketing Field. This track will show you the way on how to start and give you the right tools you will need.

During this track you’ll master the tools and skills needed to start a career in digital marketing. You will learn how to manage your social networks, launch advertising campaigns, optimize SEO and conversion rate and use Google Analytics…

Our program in UX Design

The UX Design journey will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand the user experience and create a final product.

The UX Design course will allow you to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to understand the different principles of user experience design. You will learn how to carry out a good UX study, how to use the different types of processes in order to conceptualize a final product in a user-centric perspective.

Our program in Game development

Create your first 2D video game with Unity and deploy it on mobile platforms.

Discover the world of video games, get started with Unity and C #, and practice solving simple problems with code. At the end of the course, you will be able to create your first 2D mobile video game from scratch, such as Flappy Bird and Pong.

The GOMYCODE model

GOMYCODE‘s learning experience is unique. By following our programs, the student develops his technical programming skills but also human skills of communication, collaborative work and critical thinking.

In addition, the student learns to develop a product in its entirety, until it is put online. It’s not about learning a few lines of code but about completing a whole project and being able to be proud of it.

Developing a complete product is an important step in the GOMYCODE experience, it is a source of motivation and satisfaction and it remains a memorable experience for most students.

GOMYCODE provides a blinded model which combines physical presence in our hackerspace and e-learning through our platform (called “Learn”). It encourages autonomy and initiative.

The platform gives the student the opportunity to monitor his performance and identify areas for improvement.

The platform is also gamified and fun, allowing students to earn points and badges according to their progress.

Connecting with partners

In a project-oriented framework, the GOMYCODE model makes students code every day through exercises, projects, applicable features or products. Our students work on projects directly inspired by our partner companies in order to facilitate their integration into the professional world.

The program has a professional objective and aims to facilitate the integration of our students as developers, Data Scientists or Digital marketer in various companies, thanks to our network of partner companies.

Aside from the technical aspect, working in companies today requires soft skills. This is why we support our students throughout their course, with team building, self-knowledge and development activities.

Wanna join us?

Check our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. You can also directly join our team: +973 66766141

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