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The Place To Be This Summer!

Are you a TECHIE looking for a fun and stimulating activity this SUMMER?

Do you want to get many steps closer to your desired FUTURE in just THREE WEEKS?

GOMYCODE has the perfect solution for you: SUMMER ACADEMY!

The fun and sunny season is living up to its name with our notorious summer program! Whether you join our Hackerspaces in-person or online from the comfort of your home, you will be welcomed with open arms to our vibrant community. Our mission extends beyond tech education, it’s also about getting you ready for your dream future in the most enjoyable ways! 


Our cohort-based courses cover all the tech-skill fundamentals and more, but you will also have the opportunity to collaborate and compete with your peers every day.

The class sessions are 4 hours each, from Monday to Thursday, either in the mornings or the afternoons, for a total of 48 hours / 3 weeks.

The class capacity is 10 students, and everything is accessible on our education platform LEARN so that online students don’t miss anything!

Everyone you will meet will share your passions and interests, so it will be very easy to get to know like-minded people. Even your instructor could be a GOMYCODE alum! That’s because we try to recruit our very best students every year, so make sure to keep up in class. Furthermore, our community hosts various events where you can network, make new friends, and even meet with investors and recruiters! Our community gatherings and group activities consist of icebreakers, experts’ panels, inspiring talks, hackathons, discussion circles and workshops that will ignite your creativity, fuel your passion, grant you real-life experience, and help you create your project. 


At the end of the program, you can participate in our illustrious Demo Day. This is the last step before you receive your certification. On Demo Day, you will have the opportunity to showcase and present your final masterpiece to your friends and family, class, visitors, and even our partners!

The atmosphere in our Hackerspaces is not only about learning, it’s also about fun, well-being and relaxation! Because we care about our students and their learning environment, we provide our comfy Chill Areas for all our students to unwind and recharge as well as socialize with peers before diving back in.

These spaces are not available to online students, but you don’t have to be there to enjoy our other services. With our online Hackerspace, you’ll have access to the same immersive experience as our on-site students. From access to all recorded sessions, to real-time collaboration, to one-to-one meetings with instructors… you won’t miss a thing!


As previously mentioned, the accessibility and flow of our courses guarantee an immersive and interactive learning experience, especially if you’re in your summer break. And you’ll learn as much as – if not more than – what you would learn during an entire university  semester! This is not just thanks to our Hackerspace environments, it’s also thanks to the hands-on teaching styles of our dedicated and passionate instructors who are experts in their fields. Whether you’re making a website, a video game, an algorithm, a marketing strategy or a design, your instructor will review, approve and give feedback on your project in order to guide you on how to reach your full potential!

The instructors will provide multiple checkpoints to make sure your progress is on the right track. Not only are there daily workshops and one-on-one checkpoints, you will also experience gamified learning in our Practice Box interactive quizzes that will fuel your passion even more. Furthermore, there will be a Lab Phase around the time of your project’s completion where you practice your skills and knowledge you’ve acquired, and take quizzes in groups to allow you to bring your creative ideas to life and learn from your peers as well as your mentor.


Apart from creating lasting memories and building relationships, our ultimate goal is to grant you our renowned certification that you can add to your resume as valuable experience. Additionally, you will be able to add your projects to your resume and portfolio! The skills and knowledge that you’ll learn and earn will be available to you and to your future recruiters, and will eventually help you score your dream job! 

If you’re joining our Digital Marketing camp, you will be able to become a business analyst, a social media manager, a media buyer, or a marketing specialist/copywriter. If you’re joining our Design camp, you can become a graphic designer, a digital artist, an animator, or a motion graphics designer. If you’re joining our Coding camp, you can work as a data analyst, data scientist, data consultant, or a BI consultant. And if you’re joining our Web Development camp, you can become a web developer. Last but not least, if you’re joining our Game Development camp, you’ll be able to work as a video game designer, a software developer, or a game developer.

In a nutshell, this is why The GOMYCODE Summer Academy is the place to be this summer! Registrations are open and it’s starting on June 5th across all our Hackerspaces.

So, take advantage of our 10% DISCOUNT and act fast to join our community because the space is limited and this is our most popular program!

Talk to an advisor here or call us.

And if you want to visit as well, you’re welcome to visit any of our Hackerspaces any time!

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