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Upside Education Hackathon: Two days of fierce competition in 5 countries

GOMYCODE has launched a series of hackathons in all the countries where it is present, the Upside Education Hackathon, in order to continue adding more opportunities to its students.

For 48 hours, all of our country teams experienced the rhythm of this exceptional hackathon. Several teams, composed of numerous participants, gave their all to present technological solutions that were as innovative as they were impactful in the field of education.

Upside Education Senegal

On Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October, the capital of Senegal, Dakar, hosted the Upside Education hackathon with 24 participants gathered in 4 teams who presented 4 innovative projects.

Thanks to sharp coaching from our two specialist coaches, the 4 teams were able to pitch and present their projects in front of a jury composed of 4 members.

The Lamp Dev team, composed of Pape Magueye Fam, Mor Ndiaye Sow, Madiké Yade, Khady Fall and Mam Mandaw Gueye Diamanka, came in third place at our hackathon.  They presented the GO MY Library project, a digital library exclusively dedicated to developers and accompanied by a forum for exchange.

In second place we find “Team Tech” with its project “GO MY Chat”. Composed of Papa Oumar Mbodji, Rougui Barro, Junior Dedhiou, Amadou Lamine Ndiaye and Frederick Charles Noudjalta, the team presented 3 solutions to make the GOMYCODE platform more collaborative with the development of:

– a public chat space to communicate between students

– a private chat space to communicate between students and instructors

– a pedagogical space where all course content is in video and/or audio format

Finally, the winner of the Upside Education Hackathon Senegal, who will take home 300,000 CFA francs, is the Diambar Dev team. The team was made up of  Mamadou Sahite Samb, Papa Ibrahima Ndiaye, Idriss Sall and Cheikh Sow. They proposed a hybrid learning model in Peer Learning to reinforce the model already proposed by GOMYCODE. This solution involves a course module, a challenge module, and a competition module between community members.

Upside Education Tunisia

In Tunisia, the Upside Education Hackathon was a great success with the participation of young people from all over the country. For 2 days and more than 30 hours, on the University Ibn Khaldoun campus, 80 participants divided into 15 teams gave their all to present innovative projects in education.

Under the guidance of coaches from our partners at the Rotaract Club ISG and Rotaract Club La Marsa, participants young and old (the youngest participant being 13 years old), with a tech background or not, were coached to bring added value to their projects.

After two exhilarating and tiring days, the Chriki team emerged successful. They were awarded the 2,500 dinar prize by the jury, made up of Oussama Ourahou (CPO at GOMYCODE), Meryam Boughzala (Hackerspace of GOMYCODE Sousse), Mootez Zemmel and Ridha Harhira (Instructors at GOMYCODE). The winning team proposed creative features that we could add to our platform.

Team Chriki beat out Hack Overflow, which used artificial intelligence to create an algorithm that analyzes student behaviors on an online platform to improve their learning experience.

Upside Education Morocco

In Morocco, our Upside Education Hackathon was attended by 40 students divided into 9 teams. ENSA (Berrechid and Fes), UIC, ENSIAS, Mundiapolis and GOMYCODE were all represented.  

In our hackerspace in Casablanca, the participating teams spent 36 hours non-stop working on their projects in an electric atmosphere worthy of a sports competition.

All teams benefited from workshops and feedback sessions with our instructors to help them pitch their projects in front of our jury.

The first prize was won by the team composed of Ayoub Louja, Ismail Alaoui, Hicham Maghraoui and Ismail Hamdach, students representing ENSA Berrechid (National School of Applied Sciences) who proposed a rapidly deployable e-learning platform. The main feature of the solution is a screen sharing feature between students where they can control the browser at the same time.

Upside Education Nigeria

The Upside Education Hackathon in our Lagos hackerspace was an unprecedented success, with 117 people attending the 2-day event.

After 48 hours of non-stop hard work, the first prize went to Confidence Bassey who won the sum of 300,000 Nigerian Lira. Confidence won over our panel of judges, consisting of Abiodun Adefusi (Instructor in Data Science at GOMYCODE), Gbolahun Ali (Vice President and Developer Relations at Mara) and Babatunde Olaifa (General Manager at GOMYCODE Nigeria), with a mobile study group application to facilitate collaborative learning for students, researchers, and tutors.

Uwabunkeonye Ijeoma Benedicta won the second prize of 150,000 Nigerian Lira by creating an educational platform for children of different age groups to learn to code, called GOMYCODE Kids.

Finally, Abdullahi Fahm came 3rd in the Hackathon and won free training in GOMYCODE with a collaborative video conferencing learning application for students and tutors.

Upside Education Ivory Coast

Within our hackerspace in Abidjan, the Upside Education Hackathon was attended by 78 people over 2 days.

5 groups took part in the hackathon and created a competitive atmosphere for young people passionate about new technologies. It was a great opportunity for them to learn and showcase their know-how.

After 48 hours of non-stop hard work, the first prize went to the Dev People team. They won 300,000 CFA francs with a mobile and web learning application for children. In second place, the team E-Prof won the sum of 150 000 CFA francs by building an advanced web communication platform adapted for students in their online course. Finally, the Les Élites team won free training at GOMYCODE by creating an educational and playful platform for children from 7 to 15 years old. As for the other teams, they built different projects ranging from an offline learning system to a brand new educational platform.

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