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GOMYCODE Operates in Over 40 Cities and Expands Further in 2023

GOMYCODE, a pioneer in tech-ed in Africa and the Middle East, has been on a growth spree since its Series A financing of $8 million in 2022, creating new hackerspaces, entering new countries, and making significant gains toward democratizing tech education. In 2023, GOMYCODE took a major step ahead, firmly establishing itself as a tech-ed powerhouse.

Series A Fundraising: A Beginning for Growth

Before digging into GOMYCODE’s growth in 2023, it’s important to note the watershed moment that created the groundwork for this quick rise. GOMYCODE concluded a Series A financing round in 2022, raising $8 million. This infusion of finance enabled GOMYCODE to strengthen its resources and broaden its vision and goals.

30 New Hackerspaces and Three New Countries

The rise of GOMYCODE in 2023 may be summed up in two words: “unprecedented growth.” It launched 30 more hackerspaces, increasing the total to 45. GOMYCODE also expanded its worldwide impact by entering three more countries: Kenya, Algeria, and Jordan.

Before talking about the new GOMYCODE’s hackerspaces’, you might ask yourself what is even a ‘Hackerspace’?

The word “hackerspace” emerged from hacker culture and the concept of a physical space where hackers, computer enthusiasts, and other like-minded people might gather to communicate, work on projects, and exchange information.

In GOMYCODE, the word carries so much identity and impact on the culture, so in each city, we have different hackerspaces that reach 45 throughout the world. The time may have changed since the word first emerged, but its idea and use haven’t.

GOMYCODE’s hackerspaces are where people passionate about tech meet to work and collaborate together, just as much as in the world’s first hackerspace, C-Base, in Berlin, which was launched in 1995.

GOMYCODE’s hackerspaces have become tech hubs from the shores of Senegal to the busy streets of Nairobi.

Abuja Hackerspace
Tangier Hackerspace
6th October Hackerspace
Nairobi Hackerspace

These new hackerspaces range from Tataouine, Tunisia, to Yoff, Senegal, and from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to several towns in Morocco, Egypt, and Nigeria. Making them tech hubs for passionate individuals to meet, collaborate, and network.

Democratizing Tech Education

GOMYCODE’s growth is more than just launching more hackerspaces and entering new countries; it demonstrates the dedication to democratizing tech education. GOMYCODE inspires individuals from varied backgrounds to pursue careers in tech by providing accessible spaces and innovative educational programs.

GOMYCODE’s hackerspaces have become beacons of opportunity in cities across Africa and the Middle East, where tech professionals can acquire hands-on experience, access world-class training, and network with like-minded individuals. This worldwide network of hackerspaces encourages an innovative culture that crosses boundaries and empowers individuals.

GOMYCODE’s effect on the global tech community is growing as it operates in over 40 locations across several countries. Its commitment to cultivating an innovative and inclusive culture fosters good change in the tech sector, one hackerspace at a time.

Community Events

GOMYCODE’s expansion isn’t just about providing accessible spaces and educational programs. Our Hackerspaces have become a go-to place for the tech community to learn and have fun. Because we understand a community’s importance, be sure there is always something for everyone.

GOMYCODE Egypt hosted two notable events: the Tech Hub Event, which celebrated tech and innovation through talks and entertainment, and the Game Jam event, a 3-day competition where game developers showcased their skills, with a panel of judges selecting the winning game. Both events brought together passionate individuals in the tech community.

Other events:

Games & Karaoke Nights: 

A fun-filled evening of gaming, music, and karaoke where our students can unwind and connect with other people.

Alumni Projects Showcase: 

A space for our talented alumni to showcase their projects and innovations, inspiring others to always reach for the stars.

Film Screenings: 

We regularly screen tech-related documentaries and films that inspire and educate our community.

Three men sitting around a table looking at papers.

Job Fairs: 

Connecting tech talent with leading tech companies, providing opportunities for career growth and networking.


Apart from Game Jams, we organize hackathons on various themes to challenge participants and foster innovation.

Finally, GOMYCODE’s growth trajectory from 2022 to 2023 is a stunning tribute to its aim of making tech education accessible to all. GOMYCODE’s worldwide footprint is stronger than ever, thanks to the inclusion of 30 new hackerspaces and three additional countries, and its mission to empower the next generation of tech leaders is well started. GOMYCODE is at the vanguard of technological evolution, ready to inspire, educate, and create.

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