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GOMYCODE launches its new Graphic Design course

Creating graphics and visuals  is one of the most important  tools in the world of communication and the democratization of the Internet has given it an even bigger scope. Today, it is inconceivable to imagine a website or social networks without quality graphic design.

GOMYCODE has always been dedicated to expanding our relevance in the field and to listening to what our students, partner companies, and ecosystem are most interested in. That is why we are launching our new training course Introduction to Graphic Design with Illustrator.

What will you learn?

Our new Graphic Design with Illustrator course lasts 12 weeks. Students can choose 4 hours per week of classroom training or 100% online, depending on your preferences.

The course is tailored for people of all ages who are passionate about graphic design and want to start a new career in this field. During this program, students will master:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design: Which includes the key concepts of graphic design, its history and evolution, and its dependence on other design specialties.
  • Illustrator: Students will become familiar with the Illustrator software through a detailed demonstration of its basic functions, learn the difference between rasters and vectors and their use, and learn the basics of the Illustrator interface.
  • The Creative Process: Students will learn how to create projects and the steps to follow for an efficient and disciplined execution. They will also learn how to respond to a client’s request and how to communicate visually.
  • Typography: Includes how to choose the perfect font for a specific design, tips and tricks on how to achieve the desired typography, and an introduction to text manipulation in Illustrator.
  • Colors: Students will learn about color theory, starting with the color wheel, then moving to how to define a color palette, how to differentiate between colors and screen colors, how to use the concept of color psychology, and learn Illustrator color features.
  • Shapes and lines: The course will also focus on mastering shapes, lines, and brushes in Adobe Illustrator, discovering basic drawing and tracing tools, and understanding the importance of shape hierarchy and contrast to make designs more interesting.
  • Logos: Students will learn about the process of drawing a logo and understand how to create a logo using the creative process.
  • Portfolio on Behance: Students will learn how to create an account and set up their personal information on Behance, discover its interface and some examples of projects, learn how to prepare a layout walkthrough, and share projects. Students will also master techniques to make their portfolio look professional and discover where to find free fonts, vectors, and other inspiration sources.

All of GOMYCODE’s training is project oriented and this new course is no different. That is why this program culminates in  a Lab Phase where students will complete their own projects. The finished project can be added to students’ portfolios and can be used to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers. Students also receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

The new course touches on several areas of competence in the world of design and opens the door to new careers as a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, computer graphics designer, or designer in communication agencies, press, or even in video games. It is the perfect way to enter into this field in a practical and hands-on educational capacity.

This introductory course to Graphic Design with Illustrator is the first of many courses to come in GOMYCODE’s Graphic Design program. We will be launching several more courses in the coming weeks.

Price and payment methods

The price of the Graphic Design course is 750 dinars.

Payment can be made in one of our Hackerspaces, by bank transfer, or by money order.

A unique education model

During the training, students will have a personalized accompaniment by a high-level instructor, and access to our educational platform (a platform that allows the student to access training materials at any time). Students can organize their schedule with their instructor to follow their performance and to identify their points of improvement.

Our method allows our students to develop their technical and personal skills. Several milestones throughout the course allow the student to master technical skills:

  • Assessments: Quick exercises such as quizzes, coding exercises, etc.
  • Checkpoints: Mini-projects evaluated by the instructors, which allow the student to put into practice what they have learned
  • One to one meetings: Communication between the student and the instructor about understanding each topic of the course
  • Workshops: Mini presentations led by the instructor on problems to be solved by the students
  • Lab Phase: A technological project to be completed by each student individually

Students also learn to work in a group, to develop critical thinking and soft skills, and to improve communication skills.

We look forward to offering this new course and to the more graphic design-specific courses to come. We invite you to join the GOMYCODE community and dive into the ever-expanding world of graphic design.

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