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How to Get People Excited About Your Content?

A woman storytelling with her audience on social media.

In this article, we’ll discuss practical content creation tips not just to get people’s attention but also to make them want to see more of your content.

Imagine this: You’ve just poured your heart and soul into creating a TikTok or Instagram post.

You’ve carefully edited your video, written the best caption, and eagerly shared it. But as time goes by, you see something disappointing – not many people are engaging with it.

It feels like your post got lost in the huge sea of social media, unnoticed and unliked.

Does this sound familiar? If so, fear not!

Storytelling is key.

Woman holding up a book, storytelling, smiling.

Storytelling is what captivates, resonates, and forms connections.

For instance, let’s consider Sarah, a new content creator who loves makeup and is full of creative ideas.

Sarah chose to showcase her makeup skills on TikTok and Instagram.

However, even though she was talented, Sarah had a hard time getting noticed.

It wasn’t until she began sharing her personal stories alongside her makeup videos that she started to see a difference.

By sharing stories of her makeup mistakes, her path to feeling more confident, and her best beauty tips.

Sarah turned her posts into interesting stories that really connected with her followers.

Now, let’s look at some numbers to see why storytelling and getting people engaged are so important for content creators:

According to research by HubSpot, social media posts that include storytelling get 55% more engagement compared to those that don’t.

Data from Sprout Social reveals that 68% of consumers feel better about a brand after they see its content.

TikTok Business reports that videos on TikTok that have a personal touch or tell a story get 2.5 times more engagement than those that don’t.

These numbers show just how powerful storytelling can be in grabbing people’s attention and getting them interested in what you’re sharing.

So, how can you use storytelling to get people excited about your TikTok and Instagram posts?

Here are some simple content creation tips you can try:

tiktok audience growth
Know Your Audience:

Get to know who your audience is, and make sure your stories are relevant to what they care about, what they want, and what they struggle with.

Be Authentic:

Share real experiences, feelings, and thoughts.

When you’re genuine, people trust you more and feel a stronger connection with what you’re sharing.

be yourself content creation tips
Curiosity content creation tips
Create Curiosity:

Make stories that leave your audience curious and eager for more.

Give them hints about what’s coming next, ask them questions that make them think, or leave them hanging on the edge of their seats to keep them engaged.

Utilize Visual Storytelling:

Take advantage of TikTok and Instagram’s visual features by using captivating images, videos, or graphics to enhance your story.

visual storytelling

At this stage, you might be asking yourself, “How do I put these strategies into action?” That’s where GOMYCODE comes in.

GOMYCODE offers a Social Media Management course tailored to support small content creators, digital marketing enthusiasts, and students.

This course equips individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the world of social media.

From grasping algorithms to developing compelling content strategies, GOMYCODE gives individuals the tools they need to succeed in social media.

In summary, storytelling is a strong way for content creators to get people excited and engaged on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

By mixing in personal stories, using visuals effectively, and knowing your audience well, you can make content that grabs attention, connects, and sticks with people.

So, what story will you tell next?

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