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Design Trends for 2023: Nostalgia and Futuristic Fusion

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the top new design trends in 2023!

This year we can expect an explosion of creativity, vibrant colors, and trippy designs; whether you’re an artist, a designer, or just interested and love seeing beautiful visuals, this brief article is for you.🎨😍

Mystesism: An Ethereal glimpse that’s out of this world 🌌

By Psychedelicland
By brandstrategy
By AnaMaria.Design
By Annie Konst

Risograph Resurrection 🖨️🌈

The risograph printing process is making a massive comeback from the 80s to 2023. Developed by the Riso Kagaku Corporation in Japan, the resulting concepts have a vintage grainy effect and are unintentionally stylized with double exposures and overlapping colors. From posters and flyers to packaging and apparel, risograph offers a distinct charm that captivates the eye.

By Paula Ambrosio
By Indego Macao
By Julia Schimautz
By Laura Sásdi

🎸Be Rebellious: Channel Your Inner Punk 🤘

The rebellious spirit of punk, the grungy feels, and the messy splashes are back back back! Bold colors, daring rough typography, and a do-it-yourself ethos create designs that exude raw 2000s energy. Channel your rebellious spirit and design cool apparel, posters, and covers that would scream imperfection and frustration yet satisfy the spirit. 🖤

By Jhony Caballero
By šaška™
By Nigel Tan

📼 Retro Nostalgia with a Modern Twist 🕹️

Let’s celebrate the past and learn from it by adding a modern twist. Simple shapes, bold lines, fun organic cartoony characters, bubble fonts, and vibrant colors fuse nostalgia with a contemporary edge. Embrace the playful and charming aesthetic of the past and infuse it with your unique creative modern vision. This trend is perfect for more light-hearted projects. 🎮

By Anastasia S.
By Rhox _
By Mehmet Reha Tuğcu
By assala chouk

👽 90s Retro-futuristic Space Psychedelia 🛸

Psychedelia is a trend inspired by the 90s’ fascination with space exploration and trippy, highly detailed escapism that is the furthest thing from chaos. By fusing the future and the past inspired by Nature, Combining bright colors, geometric shapes, and abstract patterns can create a mesmerizing experience that grabs the viewer’s attention without a choice.

By James Roper
By Jasmine Jerbi
By sayed Elgaml
By Josep Prat Sorolla

🌠Surreal Airbrushing ✨

Surreal airbrushing is a trend that blends airbrushed imagery with surrealist elements. This captivating trend transports your designs into dreamlike realms and dimensions. Let your imagination soar and create designs that mesmerize and intrigue you.

Multiple Owners
By Ada Zielińska

🌿 Let Nature and its beauty Inspire you 🌻

Nature-inspired flat designs are getting quite popular; from hand-drawn illustrations and earthy colors to natural textures, these designs evoke a sense of calmness, relieve stress, improve memory, and increase creativity, happiness, and the feeling of kindness. Nature patterns out of leaves, vines, and fruits that feel organic, imperfect yet captivating


Multidimensional collages🌀🌍

Multidimensional design is a trend that breaks the boundaries between real-life photography and illustrations. You can add depth, movement, joy, and excitement to your designs by intertwining different artificial and actual worlds. The contrast between the two creates a sense of whimsy and is truly captivating.


💫 Acid Graphics ⚡️

Vibrant acid graphics are bold, attention-grabbing, dark, and unforgettable. These graphics demand the viewer’s attention. Infuse your designs with grimy textures, chrome metallics, broken grids, and amorphous shapes that are straight from a Goth subculture’s imagination.

Acid Posters
By Vuk N.
By Pixelbuddha Blog
By Alex Lazaris

🖼️Creative Design: Escaping the Ordinary🎨

Creative design is all about breaking free from conventional design norms. This trend encourages you to push boundaries and explore unconventional tools and techniques. Thanks to the outbreak of using ai-generated art, the Metaverse, and the interstellar images were made possible by the James Webb Space Telescope. Allowing Designers to explore and experiment with their compositions to create surreal, artificial, adventurous artistic concepts.

By buzzart

With these exhilarating design trends to guide you, 2023 is a year filled with boundless opportunities for creative exploration. Unlock your potential, dive into these trends, and witness your designs flourish with newfound inspiration and ingenuity. Let your creative journey begin!

Written by: Machaer Kouti

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