Introduction to Node.js

Duration: 12 weeks

4 hours/week

Available Online or in our Hackerspaces

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Become a Pro Back-end Web Developer with Node.js!

In this course, you’ll learn the key technologies and tools needed to become a proficient back-end web developer with Node.js. You’ll delve into the world of JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Mongoose to build a strong foundation in back-end development.

Top skills you’ll learn

Course objectives

  • Learn how to leverage Node.js and its ecosystem to create robust, scalable, and secure web applications
  • Explore topics like NoSQL database manipulation and data modeling with Mongoose
  • Master the latest back-end development tools
  • Land your first back-end development job

Course details


  • Understand Node.js, its terms, and its package manager
  • Configure the development environment
  • Develop your first application


Mongo DB (CRUD)


Rest API

Databases & Entity-relationship model

Project phase

Students Experiences

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Introduction to Node.js

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Asked Questions

Yes, we have a fully online platform on which you can get the same benefits of the hackerspace experience from the comfort of your home: Assessments, one-to-one meetings, and workshops, all with the assistance of your instructors.

All our instructors are chosen on the basis of their technical and educational skills. They will ensure your training is efficient and effective, by monitoring and validating your progress throughout the course.

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Finishing your final project and displaying it in your portfolio are also graduation requirements.

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