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Chitoo Chuks: From petroleum engineering to web development

Chitoo Chuks is one of our many students in our Lagos hackerspace in Nigeria. The young woman, who has a degree in petroleum engineering, decided to follow our FullStack JS training.

I was denied from an internship opportunity because I couldn’t code

When I recently applied to an internship at a petrochemical company, I was confident I was a very strong candidate, but to my greatest surprise, they turned me down. It is not the end of the world, I said to myself, after all I am a petroleum engineering student who was looking for an internship opportunity but was denied because I couldn’t code.

I have always wanted to learn to code, but never saw a reason to. Now I have found a reason

I have always wanted to learn to code, but never saw a reason to. This experience has now given me a strong resolve to get on the learning train. You can say the ASUU strike was another major push. I couldn’t just sit at home and waste my time, so I enrolled in GOMYCODE to learn coding.

I enjoyed my journey at GOMYCODE

I am excited I made this decision for myself. It was a timely and effective use of my time. I met super cool students and I must say that I have the best cohort. They were not just competitive in a cool way, but we also challenged each other. I enjoyed the session with all my girls!

Coding is a mix of many emotions

What do I like the most at GOMYCODE? The workshops and the checkpoints were the best because my instructor really knew how to drive home every skill. Big cheers to my world-class instructor: Ndifreke.

Honestly, I have cried a few times because I just wanted to get my head around a new skill, but even when I get down I just keep coming back up. No wonder people say coding is a mix of many emotions.

I am on a journey to become an excellent “Code Lady”

My final project had a lot of bugs, but let’s just say the fighter in me didn’t give up. I look forward to a mind-blowing moment when I appear before the judges. All I can say is thank you to GOMYCODE for this opportunity. I loved the environment, the reception of the instructors and everything I can’t put words to right now. I am on a journey to become an excellent “Code Lady”.

Do you want to become a FullStack JS developer? Join GOMYCODE Nigeria and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +234 01 888 4669.

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