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A Treasure-Hunting Story of GOMYCODE’s Summer Academy

Tech powers are the key to unlocking and finding hidden treasures in a world gilded by secrets and riddles. One young adventurer had his fate laid out in front of him since birth. And as soon as he came of age, he set out on a journey to GOMYCODE’s Summer Academy to learn the skills needed to join the ranks of the most sought-after treasure hunters on land.

The Summer Academy, renowned for its reputation as the ultimate destination of digital explorers and nomads, is the home of the elusive treasure that all scavenger hunters seek; The GOMYCODE’s certificate.

Nour’s Choices at the Summer Academy

Our hero, Nour, arrives at the Summer Academy with a plan and the will to succeed despite all odds. The excitement and anticipation were budding inside him, and the hope of finally fulfilling his destiny shone brightly at the end of a long hollow tunnel. But he was bombarded by the many courses and tracks offered by GOMYCODE. He always knew that his fate lays here in this building. But he never thought about the choices and decisions he had to make to fulfill his destiny. 

Nour suddenly remembers the map he carried around all his life and the realization that maybe it includes clues that point to his fate. He grabs the map, starts fumbling with it, and turns it around between his hands. All of a sudden, he notices a pattern he never did before. 

As Nour examined the map, a peculiar shape caught his attention—a block formation with an enigmatic mark resembling a silhouette of a mysterious creature in the corner. Intrigued by its presence, Nour’s curiosity was piqued. Determined to unravel its meaning, he sought guidance from the esteemed advisors at GOMYCODE.

With anticipation, Nour shared the map with the advisors, who recognized the symbol as representative of Unity 2D, a vital component in the world of game development. The block pattern on the map held valuable instructions and significant milestones for constructing Unity 2D game elements, such as sprites, colliders, and scripts.

His goal became evident, and his plan was laid out before him. Nour begins his three-week journey with the course of Game Development, and his eyes set out on fulfilling his destiny and the ultimate prize; the GOMYCODE certificate.   

A Thrilling Quest: Nour Joins Fellow Adventurers at the Summer Academy

On the first day at the Summer Academy, Nour eagerly joins his fellow adventurers, ready to embark on a thrilling quest. The group engages in icebreaker activities, forging connections that would become the foundation of their journey. Exploring the vast camp space, Nour felt satisfied with how the environment shaped his experience, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

During their time at the camp, the treasure hunters delve into various activities. They participate in community-building exercises, strengthening their bonds and fostering a sense of camaraderie. They also immerse themselves in thrilling tech competitions, such as live quizzes, mini-challenges, and workshops, pushing their skills to the limit.

Nour reflects on the instructor’s pivotal role in their adventure. The instructor becomes a guiding light, passionately leading the treasure hunters on their path. With expertise and dedication, they nurture the participants’ talents and ignite their passion for exploration.

The Triumph of Demo Day

As the journey nears its end, a momentous occasion awaits Demo Day. This special celebration marks the culmination of the treasure hunters’ efforts and showcases their success. Nour envisions the triumph and joy that will fill the air as they present their accomplishments, knowing their hard work has paid off.

Tech powers are the compass guiding young adventurers like Nour on their quest for knowledge and fulfillment. The Summer Academy, a haven for digital explorers and nomads, becomes the backdrop of their extraordinary journey. GOMYCODE’s certificate, the ultimate treasure sought by scavenger hunters, represents their triumph and opens doors to the most coveted job opportunities.

In the end, Nour’s treasure hunt through GOMYCODE’s Summer Academy was filled with challenges and obstacles but also with the promise of adventure and ultimate reward and treasure. And just like any good treasure hunter, Nour knows the journey never truly ends.

Experience the Summer Academy starting from June 5th, 2023! Dive into courses like Video Game Development, Web Development, Social Media Management, Coding with Python, and Graphic Design with Illustrator. Unlock 48 hours of learning, an unforgettable summer experience.

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