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5 key habits to have to succeed as a developer

For many years, the developer used to be perceived as a lonely geek behind his screen. Since then, Too many things have changed thanks to the digital transition and developers have become more and more sought after by companies in an increasingly demanding job market.

Thus, we see more and more people choosing to embrace the career of developer. However, a study conducted by HackerRank highlighting the qualities or characteristics that make a developer more valued and highly paid than others.

Here are the 5 habits developers need to acquire in order to have a successful career :

1) Mastering multiple programming languages

According to HackerRank’s study, a successful developer on the job market is a developer who has to master several programming languages. On average, according to the study, a good developer must master at least 4 different programming languages. Mastering so many languages will provide more job opportunities for developers. This only confirms another study that shows that the majority of companies in the top 20 of the Fortune 500 use at least 4 different computer languages.

2) Be curious and willing to keep learning

This may seem like an ordinary thing to do in an ever-changing world, but what distinguishes senior developers from aspiring developers is precisely this thirst for learning.

According to the study, 74% of senior and experienced developers surveyed – regardless of age – said they had used self-study or training to improve their skills.

Other interesting figures revealed by the study: more than 25% of developers said they started coding before the age of 16. However, starting early doesn’t necessarily make you a better developer: 36% of those who started coding after age 26 are now senior developers.

“Since programming is centered on independent research to solve new challenges, self-learning is a major component of a developer’s success,” the report explains before adding, “Tools will always evolve and change. Ultimately, it is curiosity and genuine interest in languages that should fuel the willingness to learn new tools and adapt to the changing technology landscape.”

3) Keep an eye on what the market is asking for

In order to quickly become a key developer in your company or to be successful in your career, it is very important to keep an eye on the job market. Indeed, by doing so, you will also keep an eye on the programming languages most in demand on the job market and will be able to adapt and update your skills accordingly. Thus, for this year 2022, JavaScript and Python are largely at the top of the list, confirms the study.

4) Recruiters value your experience and portfolio more than your academic credentials

For the recruiters interviewed in this study, your portfolio and your experience count more than your academic background, when it comes to recruiting developers, which confirms the “Learn by making” motto of GOMYCODE.

Indeed, what recruiters look for first among the abilities of developers is their propensity to solve problems before mastering computer languages.

Another important point confirmed by recruiters: the experience and the richness of a developer’s portfolio are more important than the diplomas he or she may have obtained.

5) Find your balance

While businesses constantly highlight the benefits they can provide in their offices to attract the best developers, the latter appear to have a completely different perspective, and the Covid problem and the expansion of freelancing have only made matters worse. Developers rank work/life balance as the most essential factor they search for in a workplace, barely ahead of possibilities for internal growth and ongoing education, according to a HackerRank study.

While companies are always touting the perks they can offer within their offices to attract the most qualified developers, the latter seem to have a completely different view of things, and the Covid crisis and the explosion of freelancing have only made things worse. In fact, according to HackerRank’s study, developers rank work/life balance as the most important factor they look for in an employer, just ahead of opportunities for growth within the company and continuing education.

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