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5 Inspiring Games to Create Your Own Video Game!

Ever since physicist William Higinbotham developed what is claimed to be the first video game in October 1958, a simple tennis game, video games have inspired many generations, especially aspiring video game developers.

In addition to being an entertaining escape, video games have taught us many lessons, from game design to mechanics and creativity. Today, we’ll look at five inspiring video games that might help you create your OWN game!

“Flappy Bird” – Rewarding the Challenge

Remember in 2014, when every phone had “Flappy Bird” installed, and all everyone could talk about how hard it was and how far they had gotten. It’s no secret that the game was frustratingly challenging. Still, it was very satisfying when a player reached a new level. “Flappy Bird” secret recipe was finding the balance between the challenge and the satisfaction, which made players come back every time to the game no matter how hard it was.

So here’s an example to follow when creating your game, don’t make it too easy so players get bored, and not too hard that they get frustrated. That way, players will always come back for me. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

It’s the perfect recipe for an addictive video game and an engaging experience through straightforward mechanics.

“Doodle Jump” – Captivating Upward Progression

“Doodle Jump” is an excellent example of how to inspire players to reach new heights—quite literally! As players strive for higher scores, the game’s simple leaping mechanics provide a sensation of continuous progress and achievement.

As a game creator, take a cue from this game and encourage players to keep pushing their limits by incorporating upward progression components into your game. Inspiring players to reach new heights through new levels, skills, or awards will enhance their gaming experience.

“Crossy Road” – Innovation in the “Crossing Game” Genre

“Crossy Road” used inventiveness and imagination to convert a classic concept into a piece of art. This game reinvented the “crossing game” genre by providing a fantastic array of people, ever-changing environments, and fascinating objectives.

The lesson here is to challenge traditional game systems and rethink old themes. You may catch players’ interest and keep them interested for lengthy periods by introducing fresh concepts and unique twists into your game.

“Angry Birds” – Rewarding Strategic Puzzles

The physics-based gameplay and well-designed levels made “Angry Birds” renowned. Puzzles in the game reward players for strategic thought and exact execution. 

Consider adding intelligent challenges that encourage players’ problem-solving abilities when designing your game. Incorporate physics, gravity, or other interactive factors into your puzzles to add depth and complexity, making the gameplay enjoyable and intellectually engaging.

“Fruit Ninja” – Immersive Gestural Experience

“Fruit Ninja” demonstrates how quick, responsive gestures may provide a pleasurable and exciting gaming experience. Touch-screen technology is used extensively in the game, connecting players to the virtual world.

You may discover the importance of simple controls and responsive feedback as a game designer. To guarantee that players are thoroughly engaged and immersed in the gaming experience, use gestures, motion controls, or other interactive components that match the theme of your game.

These five fantastic video games provide essential lessons about simplicity, accessibility, and innovation. Take the time to explore these games, study what makes them distinctive, and consider how you may apply these lessons to your creations when you begin your game production project. Remember to balance challenge and player happiness, encourage ongoing growth, challenge traditional game mechanisms, develop intelligent puzzles, and create engaging and intuitive gameplay experiences. Using these examples as inspiration, you may create a game that captivates gamers and makes a lasting impression in gaming.

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