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Yasmine Haitham: The community received me with open arms

Yasmine Haitham is one of our many students in our hackerspace of Cairo, Egypt. Graduated as a computer engineer and passionate about skating, she is taking our Back-end development course.

I made the right choice by coming here

I needed to develop my skills in computer development so I can be well prepared before starting my Master’s degree. So I did some research and came across GOMYCODE on social media. This convinced me to sign up. So I took the plunge and hoped that it would meet my expectations, and to be honest, I made the right choice by coming here.

The community received me with open arms

My first day at GOMYCODE went very well. To tell the truth, I was discovering the GOMYCODE environment on that first day as it was the first time I came to the Hackerspace. I expected it to be similar to a traditional university, but surprisingly enough it was not the case! The whole community received me with open arms. The staff, then the instructor came straight to welcome and onboard me, followed by the other students. They all made me feel like I was at home surrounded by my family immediately. All the apprehensions I had before coming – much like those of the first day of school – disappeared right away. For me, the first day is a founding act of the GOMYCODE experience for all the students, we broke the ice and went straight into the productive phase, it was just great.

If I had to sum up the GOMYCODE community in one word, I would say: Family

Here you feel integrated from the start. You don’t just come here as a student to learn or master skills, it’s a complete experience that goes far beyond that.  Here you learn how to work in a community and in a team. At GOMYCODE, you help each other, you code together…it’s a complete process that makes you feel you are evolving at every step.

Don’t miss the opportunities

I know that people my age, like me, can sometimes be lost and that’s quite normal. My advise for them is to take it easy, let it happen and keep swimming but don’t miss the opportunities that come your way. Even something that seems like a tiny opportunity to learn a new thing, take it. You have no idea where it can take you!

Do you want to become a Back-end developer? Join GOMYCODE Egypt and develop your skills. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +20 120 001 3667.

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