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The Design Process Behind AFCON 2023

Graphic design for the Nigerian national football team: vibrant green jersey with a bold eagle emblem.

As we approach the AFCON 2023 final and wait for the last whistle to blow and the dust to settle down, it’s time to talk about something different – the design and brand identity of Africa’s top football tournament.

Besides all the amazing goals and tense penalty kicks, there’s a story behind the fancy logos and cool graphics.

Let’s check out how they made AFCON 2023 look so awesome.

Cultural Resonance in Design

AFCON isn’t just a football tournament; it’s a cultural phenomenon that plays a huge role in African culture.

Recognizing this, the branding team made sure to capture the essence of African football culture in every design element.

From the majestic elephant’s tusk-inspired emblem to the rhythmic patterns of Côte d’Ivoire Kente, every stroke and hue was infused with the spirit of the game.

Iconography That Inspires

AFCON logo trophy sketch design.

At the center of AFCON 2023’s visual identity is something more than just a symbol – it’s the trophy itself.

But this was no ordinary trophy; it was a beacon of glory and pride for players and fans alike.

Developed from meticulous sketches and infused with the structure of the competition itself, the new identity stands as a testament to the power of symbolism in branding.

Typography: Where Art Meets Expression

AFCON design process typography.

In branding, typography isn’t just about letters; it’s about expressing the brand’s essence.

For AFCON 2023, designers took cues from the bold style of Zaouli dancing masks, bringing dynamism and flair to the sans-serif typeface.

They didn’t stop there – a minor tweak to the letter “A” gave it extra impact, making typographic designs that really stood out.

Energizing Expressions of Passion

Football wouldn’t be the same without passion, right?

Well, AFCON 2023’s graphics are full of that passion, just like the game itself.

They used things like the sound of drums and the happy shouts of fans to bring the excitement to life.

Every detail, mixed with traditional designs and the love of football, celebrated Africa’s many different and lively communities.

Bringing It All Together: Together We Move

AFCON Design we move together.

AFCON 2023’s branding hit the mark with a powerful message: “Together We Move.”

This slogan captured the spirit of unity in football fandom and the advancement of African football.

It rallied fans and nations, emphasizing unity and progress.

More than just words, it symbolized a commitment to working together, embracing diversity, and moving forward as a collective force.

As we bid farewell to AFCON 2023, let us not forget the unsung heroes behind the scenes – the graphic designers who breathed life into the tournament’s visual identity.

Through their technical expertise, cultural sensitivity, and boundless creativity, they transformed AFCON into more than just a football tournament; they celebrated African spirit and unity.

So here’s to AFCON 2023 – a triumph of design, a testament to passion, and a beacon of hope for football lovers worldwide.

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