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How to Find a Tech Job in Kenya

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Today, we’re here to help you with tips and trick on how to find a job that you desire.

Kenya is now a hot spot for tech, which means there are loads of job opportunities for you.

If you’re good with tech, you’re in high demand!

So, let’s dive in and see how you can find the job you’ve always wanted.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Tech employers often rely on online platforms to find talent.

Create a professional LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

how to find a job linkedin

Share articles, projects, and industry insights to showcase your expertise.

Additionally, maintain an updated portfolio or personal website to provide potential employers with a clear overview of your work.

Networking is Key

Networking is a vital component of any job search.

Attend tech events, conferences, and meetups in your chosen location to connect with industry professionals.

Join online tech communities, participate in discussions.

And engage with potential employers or colleagues on platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, or relevant Facebook groups.

Platforms and Strategies

One of the best thing that can help you in your job search is knowing where to look:


Create a compelling LinkedIn profile that highlights your skills and experiences. Follow local tech companies, join relevant groups, and set job alerts to stay updated on openings.


BrighterMonday is your go-to platform for tech jobs in Kenya. Create a profile, upload your resume, and find your ideal job. Get career resources and stay informed with job alerts.

Tech Conferences and Meetups:

Attend local tech events, conferences, and meetups to network with industry professionals and discover unadvertised job opportunities.

Crafting an Effective CV

Your CV is your first impression of potential employers. Tailor your CV to stand out in the competitive job market:

a. Highlight Relevant Skills: Focus on your technical skills and experiences that align with the job you’re applying for.

b. Quantify Achievements: Use metrics to showcase your accomplishments, such as “increased website traffic by 30%” or “reduced system downtime by 20%.”

c. Keyword Optimization: Incorporate industry-specific keywords in your CV to make it more discoverable by applicant tracking systems.

d. Professional Summary: Craft a brief, engaging professional summary that encapsulates your career goals and value proposition.

Crafting Cover Letters

Cover letters are a crucial part of your job application.

how to find a job, cover letter.

Tailor them for each position:

a. Address the Hiring Manager: Whenever possible, address the cover letter to the hiring manager by name.

b. Show Enthusiasm: Express your genuine enthusiasm for the company and role.

c. Connect the Dots: Explain how your skills and experiences match the job requirements and how you can contribute to the company’s success.

d. Keep It Concise: Keep your cover letter concise, focusing on critical points, and don’t exceed one page.

Interview Tips

Securing an interview is a significant milestone. Prepare effectively to increase your chances of success:

job search interview

a. Research the Company: Thoroughly research the company, its culture, and recent developments. Understand how your role fits into the organization.

b. Practice Common Questions: Practice common tech interview questions relevant to your field, including coding challenges, system design, and behavioral questions.

c. Highlight Problem-Solving: Emphasize your problem-solving skills and ability to work in a team, which are highly valued in tech roles.

d. Ask Questions: Prepare insightful questions to ask the interviewers. This demonstrates your interest in the company and the role.

e. Behavioral Interviews: Be ready for behavioral interviews that assess your past experiences and how they align with the company’s values and expectations.

By following these tips, you can position yourself for success in the tech world.

Your dream tech job may be closer than you think.

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