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Kanayo Ugkowe: I told myself that this is the community I want to be in!

Kanayo Ugkowe is one of our many students in our hackerspace of Lagos in Nigeria. The young man is training here in UX Design.

I told myself that this is the community that I want to be in!

I am currently taking a course in UX design at GOMYCODE. It’s somethingThat I love doing, specially the projects that we do on our own. I would like to become UX/UI Designer and I needed to improve my skills. I joined GOMYCODE not because they are the first academy that I inquired about but because of the way the team treated me on my first encounter. When I saw the atmosphere, the state of mind that they have here, it was great. I told myself that this is the community I want to be in!

I’ve always been passionate about Interface Design

I chose the training in UX Design because I love everything related to the world of design. I have a passion for interface design and creating products that solve human problems. As an enthusiast, I have a picky eye for the designs that I see everywhere on the web and so I told myself that the best way to overcome these criticisms is to get into Design to get the best out of them.

My educational consultant gave me that sense of belonging in the community

When I came to the hackerspace the first day, I was a bit shy since I didn’t know the other students. Then the team here and the instructor made us feel comfortable, and I found my comfort very quickly. I would also like to thank Funmi, my educational consultant. She is a nice lady who gave me that sense of belonging in the community. GOMYCODE is a great community. They do everything possible to make everyone feel like belonging. And even between us students, the atmosphere is good, we quickly became friends.

GOMYCODE is a bubble apart

GOMYCODE is really a great place. It’s a wonderful experience. I have studied in several places, but GOMYCODE is by far the best place to get training and master the skills you want to master. I’m not just talking about the ‘technical’ quality of the training. It’s a whole tech-oriented environment that is a bubble apart, and that goes from the team on-site to the students and the instructors. Besides, my instructor is an awesome person. He makes sure we get the best as his student and is there whenever we call him for assistance. I really do appreciate that.

Take the first step, come in

If I had to give an advice to someone who is hesitating to join GOMYCODE, it’s simply to take the first step by coming to discover the hackerspace and meet the educational consultants team. GOMYCODE will give you the best possible knowledge and the best skills, the ones you have always wanted and needed. But more than anything, GOMYCODE will teach you how to be responsible and rely on yourself. It’s the best way to prepare yourself to find a job.

Join GOMYCODE Nigeria and become a UX Designer. Find our training programs on our website or contact our advisors on +234 01 888 4669.

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