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Konan Abdias
"Thanks to GOMYCODE, I have succeeded in my professional reconversion from civil engineer to UX designer! I landed my first job in just one month! My new job is gratifying!"
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Sarah Michelle Fofana
"The training at GOMYCODE was a very enriching experience... Today, I am finally able to make my project a reality and evolve thanks to everything I learned during my training!"
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Bamogo Yacouba
"What I like about the learning program at GOMYCODE is the fact that I can take classes on the weekends. This allows me to not disrupt my work schedule and develop my skills at the same time!"

Why Choose Our Hackerspace?

At our hackerspaces, you have the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects, acquire fresh skills, and participate in a dynamic community of students united by their enthusiasm for technology and innovation.

Modern facilities and equipment

24/7 access for uninterrupted creativity

Regular workshops, events, and community meetups

Collaborative spaces for team projects and brainstorming

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Full Stack

Become a Full-Stack JS developer and master the fundamentals that match the market’s needs.


Acquire highly-desired data analysis, visualization, machine learning, Python, and more skills, and become a top data professional.


Manage your social networks, launch advertising campaigns, optimize SEO and conversion rate and use Google Analytics..


Master the latest design tools, learn the right design process, and choose the career that suits you.

Step Inside Our Dakar Hackerspace.

Description: Invite visitors for a virtual experience.

Learn the most in-demand Tech skills & Get ready for the jobs of the future

Benefit from instructor assisted learning

Get a personalized follow-up

Learn through real-life projects

Experience the Energy in Person

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Immeuble TIMEL, Rue Paul Langevin, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Working hours

Monday to Sunday
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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