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GOMYCODE launches a new version of its online hackerspace

Let’s say you can’t travel to one of our 20 schools or hackerspaces or you simply prefer the comfort of your home. Luckily for you, GOMYCODE has just launched a new version of its online courses! This means you can start mastering the most in-demand tech skills and building your new career, have personalized follow-ups with an expert instructor, work on projects with your peers, and more right away and from anywhere!

In this context, GOMYCODE is pleased to announce the launch of its 100% online hackerspace through its all-in-one learning platform: Learn. Now you will be able to follow our training comfortably from your home or from the place of your choice. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a headset to join us.

What does our new online hackerspace offer?

Available in all the countries where GOMYCODE is present (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Egypt, and soon everywhere in Africa) and offering access to all our physically available trainings, our online hackerspace will allow you to explore new technologies and skills in an engaging and social way.

Thanks to our online hackerspace, you will be able to study and take the training of your choice 100% online. Our platform offers you new opportunities to interact with other students in your group and with your instructor. Even better, you willobtain your certificate once you have completed your training, just like in our physical hackerspace.

What new features does our new online hackerspace offer?

By taking our training from our online hackerspace, you will follow exactly the same training as in person, from the location of your choice.

So during the online sessions you can:

  • Brainstorm and create your projects together. Thanks to the White Board feature, on which you can collaborate in real time, you can bring your ideas to life with the other members of your group.
  • Take your breaks in a private space or decompress until the session resumes thanks to the Break Group feature.
  • Learn new skills of your choice with a passionate community and interact with your group. The new emoji feature will allow you to react instantly to messages from your classmates and instructor. Our new chatbox will allow you to chat in your group or privately with the members of your session, all through high quality online video streaming.
  • Replay the previous session to make sure you didn’t miss anything. All sessions will be recorded and stored on our platform. If you don’t understand something fully or just need to refresh your memory, you can simply replay the session.

A unique experience just for you

Our online hackerspace offers you the possibility to live a unique experience to master the skills of your choice.

  • Specialized coaching: Our online hackerspace offers you the possibility, as in a classroom, to always be well supervised by our instructors. You will be able to reach your instructor at any time thanks to the features mentioned above. You will also have the opportunity to work on your strengths and areas for improvement thanks to online evaluations, one-to-one meetings with our instructors, and checkpoints.
  • Project-based content designed to get you employed: The content of both our online and in-person training courses is designed to give you the basic skills you need to help you find a job quickly after you complete your training. You will end your training with your own project that you will have to present which is a real plus with our recruiting partners.
  • A dashboard for self-assessment: Thanks to our dashboard, you will be able to see your progress at a glance. You will be able to assess your progress yourself and better focus on areas of improvement with your instructor or fellow students.
  • Share your success: Our online hackerspace will allow you to access your certificate at any time. You will be able to share your certificate, and therefore your success, directly from our platform to your various social networks.

Training availability

All the training courses offered by GOMYCODE are available in our online hackerspace. You will be able to follow our training courses in Web, Data, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and many more.

The price of the online training depends on the chosen course. You can consult the prices of all our products here:

The platform is accessible at any time, whenever you want, and wherever you are. As for the sessions with your instructor, you can choose between weekend sessions, evening sessions, or full-time sessions.

Who is the online training for?

The online space is perfect for students, employees, parents, or anyone who wants to learn new skills without leaving the comfort of their home. The training is also ideal for anyone with limited movement or lack of available transportation.

Join the largest tech community in Africa

By joining our online hackerspace, you will be joining one of the largest tech communities in Africa. You will be able to build your professional network and get in touch with different profiles from all over the African continent, without traversing physical borders.

Our online hackerspace will connect you, the next tech talent, with a growing job market and job opportunities across the continent.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today at this address:

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