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What’s new for our students and instructors on our platform

As usual, the GOMYCODE team is working hard to provide the best possible product for our students and the best possible environment for our instructors.

During the months of July and August, several new features were added to our platform by our product team to provide an even better experience for our many students and our network of expert instructors.

What’s new for our students

Share your certificate directly on your social networks:

Our students can now share all the details of their certification on their social networks: name and track details, skills learned, and location. The link can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with a thumbnail of the certificate.

The link will also lead to a page with all the details about the obtained certificate and all the necessary info.

Recap videos in all dialects:

As promised in June, we have completed the recap videos for all chapters of our Introduction to Web Development training. We shot videos with experts and instructors from our 6 countries using their dialects so students will get a personalized learning experience based on their location. Soon, our other courses will have this same feature!

A new, more pleasing design:

We have redesigned the main page of our Learn: The Skill page. This is a facelift to the design with simpler navigation (even with the keyboard), better organization, and better ergonomics.

A new page for evaluations:

With a new Skill page comes a new evaluation page. Therefore, our students will have some new rules to follow, such as having only 2 attempts to get the right answers. Of course if you get the answers right, there will be no more retries.

This is to encourage  students to study the skills where they had a low score again to make sure they master them before moving on.

No more cheating in one-to-one meetings:

Last month, we announced the introduction of One-to-One online meetings. This question-and-answer concept between student and instructor allows us to see if students have really mastered each chapter studied. Now, students can follow along on their own at their own pace. But, because we want the simulation to be as fair and real as immersive as possible, some modifications have been made.

From now on:

-Once the student starts a meeting, they enter a full screen mode that they cannot leave

-Students cannot copy or paste into the answer block

-The questions are asked in random order

A new, more fun type of assessment:

To double the fun of the learning experience for our students, our product team has also added many new features, including a new, more fun type of assessment.

For example, the “Match with the right answer” assessment format has been added. This will ask the student to answer a question by choosing the correct answer from several possible answers.

What’s new for our network of expert instructors

For our network of expert instructors, the GOMYCODE product team has also gone to great lengths to offer them the best possible experience.

A new, more convenient dashboard:

The product team has developed a new dashboard which will allow instructors to see everything at a glance: from real-time student progress to one-to-one meetings, checkpoints and upcoming workshops, everything they need is now at their fingertips.

This new dashboard will offer our instructors a multitude of facilities:

-It facilitates access to information, as they will be able to access all important parts of the platform directly from the dashboard.

-All information about students, guilds, and upcoming activities is available at a glance via the dashboard.

-Instructors will be able to see the overall opinion of students about them, allowing them to focus on specific areas of improvement.

-A feature that allows them to track each student’s progress in the course they are enrolled in has been added to help keep track of their students.

-It’s now easier to see how many students you’ve helped reach their goal, as the session success rate is displayed at the top of the dashboard and therefore accessible in real time to our instructors.

-All training paths are now displayed on the dashboard. With one click, instructors will be able to find detailed information about students, guilds, progress, and of course, a detailed overview of each course to better meet the needs of our students.

Instructors can now spot students who have tried to “cheat” in the one-to-one meeting:

Instructors can now track students who have tried to cheat during one-to-one meetings. They will know how many times their students have tried to copy or paste answers into the dedicated spaces, and how many times they have tried to leave the full screen mode.

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