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GOMYCODE Morocco opens in the Quartier Gauthier

Following the successful opening of its first hackerspace in December 2020, GOMYCODE Morocco is changing their location to an even bigger space.

Located at the corner of Place Belair and Rue Abou Hadil Al Hallaf in the Quartier Gauthier, the new hackerspace sits in the heart of Casablanca and will allow GOMYCODE to strengthen its position as one of the major players in the training of tech professions in the Kingdom.

The new Hackerspace has a capacity of 1000 students, demonstrating GOMYCODE’s wish to continue establishing itself as the leading EdTech reference in Morocco.

A new hackerspace for a better experience

“GOMYCODE Morocco is moving its hackerspace and opting for a larger space of +1400 m² to offer its students a better experience, dedicated spaces for their comfort and well-being (cafeteria, conference room, 24/7 coworking space), and a larger capacity to provide higher quality training and meet the high demand we’re seeing. It was a carefully considered choice to provide our students with a convenient location and a better experience” says Anas Nasrou, country manager of GOMYCODE Morocco.

“Since its launch in December 2020, GOMYCODE Morocco has been experiencing increased popularity and the number of enrolled students is growing every month. Thanks to the 30 available courses we offer and our new location here, we will be able to offer the best possible learning experience to as many Moroccans as possible” he adds.

Quartier Gauthier, a strategic choice

By opting for the strategic location of the Quartier Gauthier, GOMYCODE intends to offer its students a space that is more pleasant, more welcoming and more accessible than its former hackerspace.

With 15 classrooms, a reception area, a conference room and a relaxation area with a cafeteria, this new hackerspace offers students all the amenities they need to focus 100% on their training and their goals.

Moreover, this 6-story building, entirely dedicated to GOMYCODE, will include a coworking space on the first floor in order to give students, GOMYCODE alumni, and anyone involved in the ecosystem the opportunity to launch and carry out their projects while immersed in an environment that is part of the largest tech community in Africa.

The Gauthier district, a renowned downtown area, offers many amenities to our students. It is one of the liveliest areas of the country’s economic capital because of its easy access through public transportation and the numerous shops nearby.

The Gauthier district was chosen in order to anchor GOMYCODE even closer to its students.

So what are you waiting for? To explore the new space visit our website at  www.gomycode.com or come see us in person at 1 Angle Place Belair et Rue Abou Hadil Al Hallaf, Quartier, 20250 Casablanca.

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