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Become a Back-end Web Developer with NodeJS

Master the technologies of Back-end development: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, mongoose ... and use it to create the Back-end of your web application independently from the Front-end part. You will also manipulate the NoSQL database and model the data with mongoose.

Duration: 12 weeks
4 hours / week attendance
Learn on our platform 24/7
Available in our hackerspaces or online

Rich content


Learn about Node.js and its terms.

Understand how to configure the development environment.

Develop a first application.

Understand the Node.js Package Manager.

Understand the callback function.

Work with the file system.


Understand the Express framework.

Learn to configure the environment.

Create your first app.

Understand routing with Express.

Work with the template engine.

Mongo DB (CRUD)

Understand the NoSQL database.

Handling Mongo DB.

Manipulate data with the NoSQL database.


Understand the use of ODM.

Discover the use of the “schema”.

Implement basic operations on a database.

Rest API

Understand what a Restful API is.

Learn web architecture (client / server).

Work with HTTP methods.

Develop a Restful API.

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Become a Back-end Web Developer with NodeJS

Who can join us?


People aged 14 or older.


People who are passionate about web development.


People who want to get into web development.

The objectives of this program


Master all modern Back-end technologies: Node, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose (MongoDB JS driver).


Build high quality applications with Node, Express and MongoDB.


Apply best practices to build fast, scalable, and secure applications.


.Build a feature-rich RESTful API


Understand the NoSQL database.


Handling databases with an ODM (Mongoose).


Build the back-end of a web application.

Prices and funding

Pay and join us!
99 000NGN
No other payment will be requested either during or after the course.
Need advice ?

Contact our admissions team for help

Payment options

In one of our hackerspaces

Make an appointment with one of our educational consultants and pay in one of our hackerspaces.

Wire Transfer

Call us and receive all the information you need to make the payment from your bank.

Prepare for the jobs of the future

42% of job vacancies are influenced by digitization and there are 400,000 new jobs in the digital industry! GOMYCODE's vision is to train the talents of tomorrow, those who will be able to face, and even benefit from digitalization. This path will allow you to become a Backend developer, have a rich portfolio and acquire the necessary skills to land you a job.

Why choose this program

Personalized follow-up
Each student will be accompanied by an outstanding instructor. We strongly believe that effective training requires human assistance.
Our educational platform
Our platform allows our students to access their trainings at any time, organize their schedule with their instructor, monitor their performance and identify areas for improvement.
Rich and interactive content
Our educational platform is the result of the collaboration of our educational team, our developers, our UX designers, our content creators and our partners.
Our community
Join a community of digital enthusiasts who bring you support, motivation and creativity. various events are organized by and for the community: Talks, Panels ...
A unique experience

The GOMYCODE experience is one of a kind! Our method allows our students to develop their technical and personal skills. By joining our community, students learn to work in groups, develop critical thinking skills and soft skills, andenhance their critical thinking, develop soft skills and improve communication skills.

Several milestones allow our students to master technical skills:


Assessments: these are quick exercises (quizzes , coding exercises, etc.). They are found after each skill to test the student's comprehension of the course.


Checkpoints: these are mini-projects that allow the student to put into practice what he has learned and to prepare for the final project. The checkpoints are then corrected and evaluated by the instructor.


One-to-one meetings: these are one-to-one meetings between the student and the instructor. The instructor meets up with the student and asks him several oral questions to test his understanding of what he has learned and give him feedback on the points that should be improved (between 5 and 20 depending on the program).


Workshops: these are mini presentations led by the instructor during which he explains a concept or solves a problem live with the students. The goal is to consolidate the knowledge of our students through practical exercises.


Final project or Lab phase: this is the moment during which the student will put into practice everything he has learned during the program and build his own technological product from scratch. The student is highly assisted by the instructor throughout this phase.

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This course is also available online.
You can live the full GOMYCODE experience from your home. Everything is online: the courses, the workshops, the follow-up of the instructors and the meetings…

Our recruting partners

Guaranteed supervision

Our instructors are always present either physically or online to mentor students, they organize one-to-one meetings and help their students move forward and validate projects to facilitate the assimilation of every online course content.

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