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A gamified and dynamic learning platform

For a unique learning experience.

The design of our platform

Our educational platform is the result of the collaboration of our educational team, our developers, our UX designers, our content creators and our partners.

It builds a unique learning experience combining personalized follow-up with learning and independence. Its various functions allow it to accommodate the entire educational path.

Fluid, dynamic, easy to use, focused on pedagogy and gamification, it is perfectly suited to all of our courses

Updates based on your feedback

Over 5,000 students have used our educational platform to learn new skills, which has enabled us to constantly make updates and changes to improve the experience of our students online or in person.

We conduct our surveys with the largest companies in the digital sector to identify the most requested technologies in order to orient our training around what the market requires
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Fun and motivation
Our dynamic and gamified platform captures the attention of the student and increases the spirit of competitiveness. The leaderboard as well as the feedback and rewards systems give students additional motivation (depending on their performance, the student goes from one level to another).
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Instructors can at any time monitor the progress of their students and their performance (the number of checkpoints and skills validated, for example). Students can also plan their meetings with their instructors online and in our hackerspaces.
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A lot of practice
The chapters are closed with a practical exercise or a quiz. Each includes mini-projects, oral exams and case studies. The student applies what he has learned throughout the course to better assimilates the skills acquired.
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How does it work?

Let your journey begin!

Start learning.

You will find that our content is rich in images, videos, quizzes and exercises. It is accessible everywhere thanks to the “responsive design” and the dynamic nature of the platform. You will also have the opportunity to resolve business issues during workshops organized by your instructor.

Meet your instructor

Interact with your instructor.

You will have direct access to your schedule with your instructor and you can start organizing your meetings, the validation of your checkpoints, workshops and One To One meetings.

Never stop developing

Evaluate your progress online

You can self-assess by checking the performance page, the feedback and rewards system or by looking at your ranking in the leaderboard. You will just have to set your next learning goals accordingly.

You made it!

Make your final project

This is the last step, you have to apply everything you learned in GOMYCODE into a final project. Let your imagination run wild, find an idea for a project and make it happen.

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