GOMYCODE’s complete experience is now available online!
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GOMYCODE’s complete experience is now available online!

Guarantee your professional future from the comfort of your home!

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GOMYCODE pushes e-learning even further. All of our programs are available online. Access our 24/7 educational platform and online mentoring of our instructors in just a few clicks.

GOMYCODE’s online program is just as great as the programs performed in our hackerspaces. All aspects of the learning experience at GOMYCODE are delivered online through our platform and our team of instructors.

Both effective and convenient!

Wherever you want

Learn from your bedroom, living room or office. It's up to you to choose the location that suits you best.

Whenever you want

Log in anytime to access online courses. And use your free time productively.

Follow your own pace

Go at your own pace by planning your own schedule and choosing the number of hours to study each week.

Online mentoring by instructors

The online experience is combined with personalized follow-ups from our instructors and several coaching meetings, conferences and virtual checkpoints.

Our platform

More than 5,000 students have used our educational platform to learn new skills and get themselves ready for the jobs of the future.

Our educational platform is dynamic, gamified and easy to use to facilitate online learning and remote mentoring.

The best communication tools at your disposal.


You will always be in touch with your group and instructor thanks to Slack. Exchange messages, work together on your projects, share and celebrate your successes.

Google Meet

Enable your camera and microphone and participate in group and individual meetings online. You can also attend live technical workshops for more practice.


Watch recorded workshops at any time to review the exercises and advice from your instructors, as well as discussions between you and your classmates.

How can you pay?

In one of our hackerspaces

Make an appointment with one of our educational consultants and pay in one of our hackerspaces.

Wire Transfer

Call us and receive all the information you need to make the payment from your bank.

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